Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Consulting

I’m excited to offer Bitcoin and cryptocurrency consulting. I’ve been involved in the cryptocurrency space for many years now and I know how complicated it can be to get started. That’s why I’m offering my services, to help you get setup right the first time so your crypto is safe from hackers, and more importantly, safe from user error!

In your consultation you will learn:

  • why bitcoin is so valuable and will only continue to go up in price
  • how to setup a wallet safely and securely
  • how to buy bitcoin/crypto
  • how to use bitcoin/crypto
  • what other cryptocurrencies are worth looking at and how to get them
  • anything else you want to know about crypto (how to accept it for your business, how to mine crypto, crypto and taxes, etc)

Consultations can be done in person in Austin, TX or over the phone.

Consulations cost $50 an hour.

Click on any time to make a booking.

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